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Jesus died for your sins

What are you going to do for him?

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god breathed



May 30th, 2008


god breathed
just take a look at this baby while living INSIDE his mother's womb and tell me he is not a human being!!

his name is Tommy Malroney .Tommy was conceived on March 10th, 2007. When Tommy was in his last trimester his mother murdered him with the help of a abortion doctor. this is a real pic of Tommy taken right before he was murdered while still living INSIDE his mothers womb (3rd trimester).

A countless number of babies like Tommy are murdered by abortion doctors every day by people who do not love and care about them enough. This needs to be STOPPED!

Urge your lawmakers to stop this murder IMMEDIATELY.

PLEASE REPOST THIS with the subject title "ABORTION IS MURDER" if you believe in a RIGHT TO LIFE!!

God bless all Gods babies.

February 10th, 2008


god breathed

wow such a perspiration 4 me. i strive 2 be just like this gurl angela

also, i want to add to what angela says here, since i'm a young Christian gurl just like her.

let me address the folowing question: why does God make natural disasters attack the most christian parts of the united states? indeed, remember hurricane Katrina and it hit new orleans. remember how it only hit the most uneducated, poor, and Christian black peoples in the surround neighborhoods of the downtown city? remember how it avoided the sinful downtown areas, where the homosexuals practice their sinful lifestyles the most?

let's also consider the recent tornadoe attacks on America's Heartland. many southern states were hit hard, and many peoples died.

so the questions u ask is this: why do these peeples get hit so hard? why is san francisco not dead yet? well let me explain (i went to alot of youth group..i know what i'm talking about)

God lets these disasters hit these peoples as a warning to Homosexuals, abortionists, and everyone in wealthy, non-religious cities. God says unto them "continue ur sinful lifestyles and i will kill more people who want to restrict your liberties."

u see, God knows the only hope for these sinners is the Christians who will stop at nothing to curtail their liberties and prevent them from sinning. if the homosexual has no one to tell him he is a homosexual, then he will oviously go to hell. by allowing these Wholesome, Heartland Christians to die, God is basically killing off the last hope for sinners. without them, the sinners r doomed.

so why does God allow natural disasters to hit hardest some of the most overwealmingly Christian parts of the cuntry? well its cuz he is punishing the homosexual and abortionist sinners indirectly.

god anymore questions for me? pls write to realm_of_libby7 (on my life jurnal) and ask me anything! the internet has alowed me to arrogantly belief that my opinion on every issue under the sun actualy matters, so let me rub my unsubstantiated, uneducated opinions in ur face. god bless u

February 9th, 2008

(no subject)

god breathed
wow i cant belief its been so long but i'm back. i've just been so busy with youth group and with practising for the talent show at harmony middle school. even tho i'm home skooled they r gonna let me do a performanse to ZOEgirls song "I believe in GOD" . i'm gonna do it with pete, trevor and becca


i'll let u all know how it goes !!!


May 5th, 2007

(no subject)

god breathed
bowiechaser, i need ur powerful input in a dark time like this. where is u
one of my favorite friends, shellcase, left me a comment of unbeliefable proportions the other day i just need 2 address it here 4 u all 2 see. it is about Homosexual Marriage and he gives his thoughts on it (link: http://realm-of-libby7.livejournal.com/5945.html?thread=121657#t121657):

1. Marriage is basically a society's formal acceptance that two individuals are having sex and raising a family together that each partner is biologically related to.

thats right shellcase! this is why its illegal 4 peeples to marri peeples who already has kids. this is why it is illegal to be a STEP mommy or daddy! it's just not wholesome. and if it's un-wholesome, it's unAmeriCan!!!

2. Marriage has been mostly used has a device to prevent war or hardship by using it to form alliances between military and economic rivals. I.e. The royal families of Europe.

this is troo. My mom and dad married only cuz their families hated each other, but my mom's family gave her up to my dad's family as a gift cuz they wanted 2 b friends. it's such a powerful story. i'll tell u all about it more some other time.

3. Marriage is also used to set inheritance rules for the passing of property from one generation to another.

sorri, but like my friend Becca, she can leave her property to either Trevor, my baby bro, or Pete, my cusin who has a tree house a 2 pet frogs. but she CAN NOT leave her property 2 her homosexual gurlfriend! Sorri, Becca, but if u want 2 give ur stuff 2 someone when u die, u need to give it to someone only with a PEEPEE!!

4. Marrying for love is a pretty new concept in sociological history. It is only been occurring for about 200 years. (This is not to say couples before 1800 didn't love each other, but they probably got married for other reasons.)

Marriage is not even about love now tho. love is illegal i think. but what marriage IS about is what kind of genitals u got under ur pantz. u wanna get married, huh? well then pull down ur pants and let's see what u got underneath. sorri if u dont like it, but marriage IS a sacred union between a peeple with a PEEPEE and a peeple with a VAGINA! marriage is about the juice that comes out of the peepee going inside the vagina. it's just so sacred and beautiful. (sorri, but my mom says that if ur juice is broken, then u dont get to marri either.)

dont belief me that marriage is between 1 peepee and 1 vagina? do the math and see for urself

I think gay marriage is such a dicey issue because it goes against the "raising a family together that each partner is biologically related to" idea of 1. This disturbs people because then opens up the can of worms related to test tube babies and choosing which embryos life or die.

sorri, but marriage is only about having sexual intercourse (omg pls dont tell my mom i said that) and making babes. it is NOT about ANYTHING ELSE!!!!

May 3rd, 2007

wow i cant belief this but lately all over the internet i have been under attack becuz peeples have been saying that i hate homosexuals or something.

well let's get sumthing strate: i do NOT hate homosexuals!!! if u havent noticed by now, i am a COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE which means i love the sinner but i HATE the sin. i told a story about my homosexual friend Becca but let me tell it again cuz nobody understands it.

Becca is a homosexual and she has a homosexual lover (also a gurl and a practicing homosexual, named Christine). well they have been together for 5 years and they have not had sex yet cuz they say they is waiting 2 have sex until they can marry cuz they say they r Christian (not real Christian tho...unitarian or episcipalian or sumthing like that).

well when i practice my love-the-sinner-but-hate-the-sin attitude, i tell Becca this: "sorri Becca but i love u. even tho u r a sinner, i love u so much...more then u love Christine. but i hate ur loving, monogamous relationship with Christine, and i want 2 show my love for u by not letting u marri her. instead, u can marri a boy with a peepee inside his pants, like my little brother Trevor or my cusin Pete who has a tree house and 2 pet frogs."

sorri but Becca and Christine r not being discriminated against...they CANT do anything i CAN do...i also cant marri Christine cuz we r both born with vagina and both have periods. u see, Becca's vagina should be complemented by a boy peepee, even if she doesnt like that peepee or that boy. i dont care if she loves Christine...she needs to marri a peepeep instead because SORRI but God didnt create a Adam and Steve becuz then they wuldnt have been able to have children who would marri each other and compliment eachothers peepees and vaginas. do u know why? cuz Adam & Steve BOTH have peepees!! they is not complementary 2 each other, and that is the basis of are 6,000-year-old human civilization and the basis of America.

Becca can marry Trevor or Pete, cuz they both have peepees, but she CANT marri the person she's been with for 5 years and the person she loves...simply becuz their parts DONT FIT!!@
sorri, but that does NOT mean i hate practicing homosexuals...it just means i love them so much that i want 2 force them out of their sinful lifestyles.

May 2nd, 2007

ok i'm going to be honest: i hate politics. but there is one thing i hate more then politics and that is homosexuals (well i hate their sin of monogamy and love based on facters other then sex organs/reproduction posiblities). but congress is thinking about making it ilegal 2 punish homosexuals 4 there sins and we need to put a stop to it!!

pls click here

what this law will do is make it ilegal 4 Christians and moral peeple to cause harm 2 sinners. sorri but leviticus and genesis (Sodum & gomorah) make it clear that the punishment 4 homosexual sinners is death. i DONT want my baby brother 2 go to jail for murdering a homosexual when he gets old enuf 2 do so. are pastors reminds of us these beautiful Bible verses every day and Trevor hears them and is preparing to do Gods work, but he WONT be able to do it if congress makes it ilegal 4 for him to do it!!

sorri but lets face it: homosexuality is a sin and God wants homosexuals dead. we must luv the sinner and hate the sin, and so we must beat the sin out of them and/or kill the sinner so that he can have a better chance of going to heaven (if its to late and he goes 2 hell well then sorri but sorri thats just the way it is).

pls urge ur congress and ur George Bush (god bless) to not make it ilegal 4 homosexuals to die!!!

January 27th, 2007

(no subject)

lol hay guys

god bless u all

November 25th, 2006

(no subject)

god breathed
lol hay guys. how is all of u and how was all of ur thankgiving

god bless

October 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

lol hay guys sorri i dont post alot. i've just been so busy latley thinking about God and how awesome he is. like the other day i was just siting around eeting a banana and it just occured to me - hey this banana is long and firm and fits in my mowth perfect. how can someone say God didnt desine the banana just 4 the mouth of human? i'm sorri but if a long and firm object is not made 2 fit perfect in my mouth then i dont know what is. God is truly awesome and if u dont agree then thats fine. but dont expect me to care when ur burning in hell... a place WITH OUT bananas!!

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